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Images speak to us...

A ripe strawberry speaks louder than most fruits in declaring its lusty red goodness. Shooting a photo of this bold fruit is probably easier than most. Just add a little sugar and watch its own juices blend to form an inviting glow. The fact is that a big part of the enjoyment of eating is in the seeing.


Sure, it’s a rum punch. But, it’s also a taste of warm weather, the beach and blue skies.  A moist glass tells you it’s hot outside.  So, it’s a lot more than a rum punch.


So many smaller towns have regular gatherings of car aficionados who go one step beyond spit and polish with their prized vehicles.  Give yourself a treat and pay a visit sometime.


The Gerbera daisy is one of the most popular flowers around the globe.  It ranks as the fifth most popular flower in the world behind the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and the tulip.

NSE or W

Maybe spider webs in New Zealand are spun with the northern tip at the bottom.  After all, the island is south of the equator.  Closer to the South Pole than the North.

Do umbrellas always look this way?

Do beach umbrellas always look this colourful or do they look this colourful after 3 rum punches? And I was wondering, do you think these stripes make my umbrella look fat?

Who’s hiding in the loft?

Not who but what.  In the loft at Ball’s Falls.  Probably the gears for the grist, saw or wool mills that stood here in the early 1800s.  Today, much of Ball’s Falls has been restored.