Welcome to my online home. You could say it took me 50 years to build this website.  I guess that can sound terrible or very impressive. Either way, it has been some kind of ride.  Oh…the stories I could tell.  You see, for many of those years, I made my living as a writer and sometimes, as a photographer.  Not in a studio, mind you. Though it seems I always had an office somewhere. I am a writer by trade and for several years my base was on Bay Street. I often spent time with the suits on Wall Street.  But, much of the time I wore a hard hat and steel-toe boots in mills, smelters and refineries or 5,000 feet underground in mines or 1,000 feet in the air in a helicopter.

So, today, as the dust begins to settle, this website gathers in one spot some of the latest images from a growing collection. Totally non-industrial and often complete with smudges, dimples, crumples and crinkles.

Now I might spin a few tales along the way too.  You see, some photographers are never very far from the typewriter.  Enjoy your visit.

For the curious, here is more in-depth about Ken Cherney.

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