Hello hello:
This website is all about photography. And today, photography = technology. What it means is that technology has opened up so many doors for us. We can now enjoy our images on canvas and on fine art paper and even on metal and glass. And the quality can be one step above exquisite.

Do you like your artwork in watercolour and oil? This is where the fun begins. Through some digital wizardry and a dash of creativity, photos can become…well…almost paintings. We have scattered a few images throughout the site. Check for yourself.

I will be the first to say that nothing will replace the magic that the human hand can create with a brush or a palette knife on canvas. The manipulation of pixels in a computer will never equal that charm.

The fact is that the transformation of a very good photograph into an interesting and different kind of work of art is the result of a sleight of hand, imagination and buckets of creativity. Did I mention trickery?

I happen to like the way the gods of artistry can smile on some pieces…and I underline the word some. Why? Because only a select few images lend themselves to this kind of manipulation. Just ask our friend the goose.

In the meantime, enjoy your visit.