Gallery Silver Linings


Welcome to Gallery Silver Linings.  Well, it’s my contribution to Silver Linings anyway.  You see, I’m the photographer who was invited by the Grimsby Public Art Gallery to show during the month of September with two other artists in the Library/Art Gallery Lobby.  It was a small show called Silver Linings and I was thrilled to be part of it.

So, now that the physical show is over, I have maintained this special place for this special collection of some of my latest favourites.  Here, you'll find a magical spectrum of colours and moods.  Some soft and some spicy.  Delicate flower petals and industrial gears. Sailing boats and glasses of wine.  Now, just hover over a photo and you'll see information about it.  Go and explore.  Enjoy.  Where to start?  Hit the arrow, bottom right.

We acknowledge the Canada Council and the Arts Digital Originals grant for their support.